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Our Team

Steve Richardson Linkedin

Steve Richardson is passionate about cooking and sharing food with others. He loves fresh, local ingredients and is highly skilled in the art of balancing flavours. He brings the same enthusiasm and expertise to every dining occasion whether it is catering for thousands at the Melbourne Cup or cooking up a great family dinner.

Back in the 1980s when he was opening up innovative eating houses in Melbourne’s Brunswick Street, Steve started making his own muesli. His aim was to create a muesli that was both healthy — good for his own high cholesterol — and delicious. The Magic Muesli you eat today is the result of more than twenty years’ experimenting, consulting with health experts and fine tuning of the ingredients.

While he is still a leader in Australian catering and hospitality, Steve loves to take his Magic Muesli to local Farmers’ Markets or to send it to muesli lovers wherever they may be. Sometimes his teenage daughters help at the market ‚Ķ but mostly they just enjoy his cooking. Emily prefers to have muesli after dinner: ‘Breakfast tastes so much better at night time’. Alice swears it makes her row faster.